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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Yahoo Mailbox making over-reference to www.Gmail.com

According to reports by foreign press, Yahoo launched a complete inbox and mail redesign a week ago. However, since new email service over-consulted the interface design of www.Gmail.com, and dramatically changed old habits of users, the updated email has been considered as a disaster by 275 million users. Yahoo’s users said that some key and frequently-used features like “Print” and “Sort by Sender” can not be found in the new interface. In addition to the loss in functionality, users also report problems that include autosave, draft deletion and their emails disappearing.
Only one week after the new email service was launched on October 8, the official website of Yahoo has been flooded with thousands of complaints, Change.org, a website requiring a petition about restarting the old Yahoo mail service has already got over 1,500 signatures. “Many of us have used Yahoo mail for more than 10 years.” the petition sponsor Jan Hyatt said, “The reason why most of us choose Yahoo is because of its previous service interface. We do not like Gmail, so please change back!” “This is the worst e-mail design.” A discussion group of Facebook wrote, “Please return to the previous email service, we have used to it, even when Google launched a variety of initiatives to lure us, we still remain our loyalty to Yahoo.” It is not a coincidence that the interface of new Yahoo email is quite like Gmail’s. Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer has involved in part of features design of Gmail when he served as an executive at Google.
Gmail-style interface will centrally display emails according to all related subjects. Such “dialogue style” present way once was one of main reasons for rapid success of www.Gmail.com. The controversial new design of Yahoo Mail leads many non-Yahoo users to raise a question: with the company’s popularity gradually plummeted, is there anyone will continue to use Yahoo’s service? Fifteen months ago, Mayer switched himself from Google to Yahoo and since then he has been working on improving kinds of services of Yahoo, so as to attract more users and generate higher advertising revenue. Yahoo’s advertising sales now remained in doldrums. But Mayer said that since he was in charge of office, Yahoo’s average monthly service visits have reached an accumulative growth of 20% with a total number scale of 800 million people.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ads finally appeared in the mobile version of www.Gmail.com

Ads finally appeared in the mobile version of www.Gmail.com

Clean and simple mobile version of www.Gmail.com finally get involved in advertisement promotion, fortunately, the ads of Gmail are similar with others of Google, they are less annoying.

Actually, after the Android version of Gmail 4.6 APK installation package was dug out, someone discovered that there are many codes related to advertisement, and now some people have already received the ads, which are placed in a folder called “Promotions”.

These ads look like ordinary mails, but different in background colors, and there is a distinct ad tag ”AD”, just like the tag on desktop version.

Save and block ads as well as other related codes also appeared in APK file, however, such features have not added at present.

It should be noted that the ads only appeared at the top of “Promotions” folder, you will see no ads at all if you do not use the folder.

In this May, Google launched a new feature of “In-APP Actions(quick button)”, allowing Gmail senders to add normative codes in mails, and there is a small button beside the subject of mail, therefore without opening emails, users can still be able to handle emails in accordance with the subjects.

Now, Twitter also follows the crowd, it allows Gmail users, without opening emails, to process a series of operations with the use of button beside www.Gmail.com subjects. For example, someone @ you in Twitter, the received reminder will contain a button named “View Tweet” if you bind to reminder services of Gmail at the same time. Previously, only when users open emails and click related links can emails jump back to their own Twitter page.

Different action buttons varies with different email reminders, another example, you have a follower in Twitter, and then the button in Gmail will change to “Follow Back”, such a quick button can complete the relevant operations even without need to jump back to Twitter page.

It will improve Twitter user experiences to some extent. For the function held by quick button of www.Gmail.com, it has not only helped Google move the button of skip, rating service, comment inviting and others to the right side of subject of emails, so as to open emails as soon as possible. More noteworthy is its capacity of application and potential.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

IMAP Server Goes Down,Many Gmail.com Users Are Affected

IMAP Server Goes Down,Many Gmail.com Users Are Affected

At present, The Gmail.com users, from third-party e-mail Client such as Microsoft and Outlook, could not check their e-mail. Are you one of them? The reason is that IMAP server of Gmail are down, the normal service can not be provided. However, with the domain name "mail.google.com" , Gmail.com itself is still in normal operation.
A customer from Twitter named "@chrisrlamb" reported that Gmail had been down for 2 hours. Considering Google has once encouraged users to connect accounts to the client by IMAP. Therfore, now it seems that lots of users has been affected by this incident.
Google has not responded on this matter, we will update later./Mei Zhu

Saturday, June 22, 2013

www.Gmail.com worldwide usage analysis

According to the regional and national distribution of Gmail.com’s world search volume, Slovenia rank the first and the next are Myanmar, Kenya, India and Ethiopia. The search volume of the countries is quite balanced.

Gmail service is newer than the services like Yahoo Mail and Hotmail. The latter of the two services generally cover some regions which have intensive population or developed situation. Gmail.com service as a new one may enter into the regions where the network popularization is not high like Slovenia. It explains why Slovenia is the first on the list.

India also has a outstanding position on the list.. As the capital and the metropolitan city of India, New Delhi and Bangalore are all intensive-populated so they are on the top two.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Analysis of gmail.com's search volume

We can see from the graph,in January 2004,the search volume was 0,until the August 2004,it started to grow slowly,in the June 2006,it reached to 31%,and in November 2007,it reached to 49.Since then,it started to have a small decline,decreased to 46% in January 2009.But after that,it experienced a very fast growth,reached its peak in December 2009.After that,it declined again,till June 2010,the search volume was 63%,and since then,it had no big increase or decrease,just grew or declined in a gently speed.
The gmail.com is most popular in Myanmar (Burma), the second is Ethiopia,and the next is Uganda.

Google renueva por completo su Gmail

Esta semana, Google lanzó un rediseño del buzón de correo de Gmail. Se trata de una nueva actualización de la bandeja de entrada que servirá tanto para móviles como para la versión de escritorio. La idea es que los usuarios puedan administrar mejor grandes cantidades de correos con nuevas pestañas.
Como explicó Google con un nuevo video, la bandeja de entrada de una cuenta de correo electrónico puede transformarse en algo abrumador si en ella caen sin distinción los mails del trabajo, de la familia y amigos, las ofertas de compras o restaurantes o las RSS de las páginas preferidas. Es por esto que Gmail presenta su nueva bandeja de entrada con diferentes categorías.
Así, el servicio de correo de Google agrupará los mails en varias pestañas que dependerán de la categoría que se le aplique al mensaje. Por ahora hay cinco de ellas: Pincipal, Social, Promoción, Notificaciones y Foro.
«La bandeja de entrada está organizada de tal manera que te permite comprobar las novedades de un vistazo y decidir qué mensajes quieres leer y cuándo», señaló Google en su blog oficial.
Sin embargo, para quienes se sientan cómodos con su bandeja de entrada actual, Google anunció que esta nueva bandeja es opcional, es decir, el usuario decide si la activa o no dependiendo de sus gustos y necesidades. Ademñas, la bandeja se puede personalizar, ya que se pueden seleccionar las pestañas que se ajusten más al usuario, arrastrar los mensajes y soltarlos en las pestañas o destacar algunos mensajes.
En los móviles
Según anunció Google, la actualización va también para dispositivos móviles: «En las aplicaciones Gmail para Android 4.0+ y Gmail para iPhone y iPad, verás el correo de la pestaña Principal cuando abras la aplicación y podrás navegar fácilmente a las otras pestañas». Así, esta nueva bandeja estará disponible de forma general para Gmail en la versión de escritorio, dispositivos Android e iOS en las próximas semanas, aunque hay usuarios que ya la pueden activar.
Para activar la nueva bandeja, el usuario deberá deben ir a la rueda dentanda que está en la esquina superior derecha de la pantalla. Allí se desplegará un menú y debe pinchar en la opción «Configurar recibidos». Allí estará la opción para habilitar o deshabilitar las pestañas en la bandeja de entrada.

5 Steps to Make Gmail Browsing Faster

Google has come out with a new tabbed inbox for Gmail for sorting mail into various categories for easier organisation. This comes three years after the company launched its Priority Inbox for Gmail, the first initiative by Google to organise cluttered inboxes by sorting messages based on their importance.
Here are five easy steps to streamiline your Gmail:
Step 1. Log in through your Gmail id the usual way—www.gmail.com
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Step 2. Select the settings on right-hand side of the interface from the top also used for to access Gmail themes, display density and other available settings relating to the logged in Gmail account.

Step 3. Select the option “configure,” which will give options like cozy, comfortable and compact.

Step 4. If the configure option is not showing against the Gmail account, do not panic. Google could be initiating a phased rollout of these features. Log out and log in back again and follow the same procedure.

Step 5. Google allows five different tabs to be set up on the inbox. You can choose any one of the five — primary, social, promotions, updates and forums and select the desired tabs before selecting the save option to move on.
Gmail will now automatically detect and filter the email in your inbox to their relevant tabs. The ones that it can’t place in any tab will appear in your "primary" tab. You can manually sort email by dragging and dropping a message from the primary tab to any other tab.
If you’re apprehensive about this new view, you can easily turn it off by either disabling all other tabs, or by choosing one of the other inbox types (including the Priority Inbox) that are all still available under Inbox in Gmail settings.